To whom it may concern:
I have utilized the Services of Richard Smith on many occasions to repair complex Cylinder issues on variety of different Press platforms. Richards’s attention to detail and flexible schedule have allowed me to build valuable relationships within my customer base. Having known and worked with Richard for many years now; I am always impressed with the both the quality of his work and his “Can do” attitude. Regardless of the size of the job; Richard treats you as his main priority. I would strongly recommend Richard Smith for any repair.

Steven Anderson

A quien preocupación de mayo:
Podemos decir que no hay nadie mejor en el mundo que Richard Smith y la compañía Electroplate USA para la reparación de daños de cilindros en maquina. El ingeniero Smith no solo repara los cilindros de forma permanente pero hace que luzcan originales dándoles el color del cromo y el terminado original del fabricante.

Rodrigo Royo

To whom it may concern:
I have known Richard for 18 years on a professional and personal level. During this period I have called upon his services on a good number of occasions to complete all type of cylinder damage. Richard is very knowledgeable on all type of repairs, and on all types of printing machine. He is professional, efficient and a conscientious person, who has the upmost respect for all his clients. During my period at team leader for Heidelberg Remarketing Equipment world wide, and most recently with Pressclean USA ( Heidelberg preferred business partner), where Richard was once an employee. He has always completed every repair to a very high standard, and on time. Richard has strong values, good problem solving skills and has experience in developing procedures and constructing good working standard, but above all, he is a delight to work with. If you would like further confirmation of the above, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Jimmy Morris

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